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How to Play

1 on a corner? It's a mine!

Minesweeper is a game of logic, and a hint of chance. Here are the basics:

  • First, click a square to reveal it. If it's a mine, you lose.

  • If you instead get a number, then that is the exact number of mines that are directly touching that square, corners included.

    In the image above there is a single revealed block with a number 1 on it. There are 8 unrevealed blocks touching that revealed block. So exactly one of those unrevealed blocks contains a mine. Sometimes you just have to guess in order to get the ball rolling. In this case, we would have a 1/8 chance of revealing a surrounding block which contains a mine.

  • However to win the game, you are better off not guessing. There are many situations where the numbers will tell you exactly which blocks have a mine. Consider the following example:

    The highlighted revealed blocks with 1's on them are touching exactly 1 other block. Since the revealed block tells us that only 1 other block touching it contains a mine, that means that a mine must be on the block that it is touching, since that is the only one touching it.

    Keep an eye out for similar variations of this "1 mine corner case". The more you play the more you'll catch on and more easily recognize this pattern!

  • If you are certain that a block contains a mine, right click (or tap and hold on mobile) on it to place a flag. This is useful for organization when

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